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Cuba Leader Fidel Castro Dies At Age 90

Fidel Castro a Cuban revolutionary has passed away at the age of 90. He led the country for nearly half a century, bedeviled 11 American Presidents and pushed the world to the brink of nuclear war. He was the reason behind bringing cold war to the Western Hemisphere in the year 1959.

His death was announced on the Cuban television. But the television did not feature any other details about his death. Fidel Castro was not in good health for several years. So he ceded his power to his younger brother Raul Castro. Fidel Castro was in power for a very long time than any living national leader except Queen Elizabeth II. He is a great international figure.

Castro ruled the country with his strength and symbolism from the year 1959. He delivered his first speech in front of thousands of admirers. He spoke with passion for a long time. The speech was electrifying, and the people believed on their young leader who was destined to be their savoir
He believed himself as a Messiah of his country. He controlled the country and the people with high authority. He is a self-obsessed person who believed in his destiny. He was an inspiration to many leaders of the world.

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