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David Bowie Dies Due To Cancer

Legendary singer David Bowie has died of cancer at the age of 69. He had struggled with the deadly disease for 18 months. His death was confirmed by a post in social media stating that he died peacefully among his family members. He was an extraordinary artist whose last album was released a few days ago. Singer David Bowie is a great star who played a predominant role in British Musical history.

Some of the famous albums of the singer are Let’s dance, Changes, Space Oddity, Starman, Modern Love, Heroes, Under Pressure, Rebel Rebel, and Life On Mars. He released his latest album Blackstar. It is rightly called as the parting gift to the world. Tony Visconti producer and close friend of David said that “he was an extraordinary man full of life and love.” He was sure that he would be with us at all times.

His fans gathered in huge numbers at Brixton, South London to pay homage to the singer. People also paid their tribute to him outside his New York House in Berlin. David Bowie worked as an artist for 51 years. Around 140 million albums are sold till date. He has performed 25 studio albums.

He was remembered for his great laughs by Paul Mccartney. He treasures the moment spent with the great artist. He also added that he created a huge influence among the people. Brian Eno, a friend of David, felt a huge gap as his death was a total surprise to him. Madonna posted on her Facebook saying Bowie has changed her course of life after witnessing his performance. She also stated that he is a real genius who is so inspiring and innovative.

David was also successful in his acting career. Throughout his career, he reinvented something new to the world of music. Though his journey has ended in this world, his music still lives in the heart of the people.

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