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Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia Found Dead At Resort

Antonin Scalia Justice of the Supreme Court of United Nations was found dead at a resort in Texas. He was 79. He is known for his transformative legal theories and writings. He has worked in the Supreme Court for over thirty years. Chief Justice John G. Roberts confirmed Scalia’s death. He said that the judge was an extra-ordinary person and that he will always be treasured by his colleagues. He also added that his death is a great loss for the country.

Spokeswomen of the United States Marshall Service said that there was nothing found to indicate that the death was unnatural. His death was ruled to be the result of natural causes.

He began his career in the court as an outsider known for making caustic dissents. His theories were initially idiosyncratic it gradually took hold everywhere. Judge Richard A.Posner said that he was the most influential justice of the last quarter century. He was a champion of originalism. Political conservatives accepted his ideas on originalism.

He was an exceptional student graduated from Harvard Law School. He was good in defending criminals and cross-examining the witnesses. He became the longest-serving member of the court after the retirement of Justice John Paul. He was a regular writer for major cases including First Amendment, class actions and arbitrations.

He had an exceptional skill in writing, and he used the perfect phrase and words in his writing. His writing attracted a huge section of people. Lawyers and civilians followed his opinions. He is capable of making the courtroom active by his talks. He entertains the people in the court with his meaningful jokes.

He was a man of varied tastes. His other interests are poker, opera, and hunting. He was named Nino by his friends. His friends said that he enjoyed his joke more than anything else.

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